Most contractors have begun to work with a supplier, only to start work and realize they’re missing key supplies. Or, they end up a bit adrift when it comes to installation of a new product. Or they feel lost at the swath of product options, unsure what to choose – if they’re lucky enough to have sufficient selection. If you resonate with these frustrating and costly experiences, you’ll be eager to learn how Apex Western Fiberglass does things a little bit differently…where it counts. We offer better support, selection, and safety than our competitors.


Here at Apex Western Fiberglass, we believe in providing our clients with the support they need. That’s why, for all three of our product lines (downhole tubing and casing, line pipe, and facility pipe) we offer accurate quotes, selection assistance, and/or detailed lists of the supplies you’ll need. We’ll help you complete your AER license documentation. For an additional charge, we offer on-site supervision during the installation process, since we understand that working with new technologies can present challenges. By offering these services, not just a superior product, we can make sure that you get the full experience of quality you deserve.


Because we offer a variety of options for downhole tubing and casing, line pipe, and facility pipe, working with Apex Western Fiberglass will give you access to a larger inventory than many of our competitors are able to stock. However, we won’t sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity! Our unique fiberglass/resin formulas mean that our pipes outperform other piping systems.


When you work with Apex Western Fiberglass, you get a superior product in Star fiberglass piping. It requires less maintenance than other varieties, meaning less productivity lost due to maintenance. It can handle high heat and pressure if you purchase it for those applications, and resists vacuum-related collapses. Because fiberglass pipe lasts longer and is easier to install, it can even save you money!

You need nothing less than excellence in quality of product and service. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can work with you to provide that!