Do you already have steel pipes installed for your system, but need a better liner? Fiberglass might just do the trick for you! By installing a fiberglass lining, you can increase the pressure rating of your pipes and reduce friction during flow. Even better, due to the way fiberglass pipe is installed, you can maximize internal diameter as there is no loss of I.D. due to fitting installs. If you want a system that will withstand high pressures, need minimal maintenance, and experience no rusting with little erosion, consider installing a fiberglass liner.

Tried and True

Fiberglass pipe as a liner for steel pipe is a tried-and-true method that has been applied successfully for 40 years in a wide variety of services. You don’t need to qualify your existing steel pipes before you install a fiberglass lining. This is because the fiberglass becomes the pressure barrier, taking the onus off of the steel piping. If you were to install a poly lining, you would need to do this pre-test, so by using fiberglass you can save yourself money and time.

Technical Specs

Fiberglass pipe can be pulled relatively long distances, although the precise length varies based on pressure rating and diameter. Compared to costly metallic fittings that flexible pipe systems require, pulling fiberglass is highly affordable.

We have a track record of inserting pipe in diameters ranging from 1 ½” to 12”, with pressure ratings from 450 psi to 4000 psi, rating up to 85° celsius. These specifications mean that we can help you with just about any application you might need it for.
Interested in adding fiberglass pipe as a liner for your existing steel piping system? Contact Apex Western Fiberglass at 403-347-4682 in Red Deer, AB or 306-634-4950 in Estevan, SK.