In the arena today we have an exciting show for you. We’ve pitted two of the most popular pipes against each other. Each must face a series of gruelling trials, but which will come out on top?  Fiberglass is the reigning champion, but a new contender has entered the ring known as Flexible Pipe. Is it possible that Fiberglass will surrender its crown after today’s match? Read on to find out!

Test One: The Vacuum

In today’s first test, each pipe must face the ominous foe, the Vacuum. First it’s flexible pipe: it’s putting up a valiant effort. It’s withstanding 10% vacuum…20%…but as the vacuum reaches 100% intensity it buckles under the stress! But fiberglass is still holding steady at fifty…eighty…ninety…ladies and gentlemen, in the one hundred percent vacuum event fiberglass pipe has held steady!

Test Two: Volume

After flexible pipe has been given a chance to recover from that tough vacuum event, it’s on to test two: which can hold more volume? As the pipes fill with liquid, we’re carefully measuring every drop and it’s looking like fiberglass is holding more! How can this be? They’re the same external diameter. Our piping expert here is just explaining how fiberglass doesn’t lose any internal diameter due to fitting installs like flexible piping has to do. Score one for continuous internal diameter, fiberglass!

Test Three: Testing their Metal

Most competitions test the mettle of their competitors, but today we are testing metal. Unfortunately, we’ve just been informed that only flexible piping has any metal to test at all since fiberglass doesn’t use any steel fittings. The metal seems like a liability however, as flexible pipe is corroding and those fittings are conducting electricity. Fiberglass takes another round!

Bonus Round

As an extra surprise, we’re giving fiberglass pipe bonus points because it has demonstrated that it can achieve larger diameters and higher pressure ratings than flexible pipe. What a match!

In all seriousness folks, we know are you aren’t going to an epic showdown match of piping types any time soon, but fiberglass pipe is superior to flexible piping in many ways, as you have just seen. Looking for a pipe that is 100% non-metallic, liner-free, can withstand full vacuum events, and has no loss of internal diameter due to fitting? Fiberglass is the way to go. Apex Western Fiberglass can help you find the fiberglass pipe that best fits your needs.