Apex Western Fiberglass offers several line pipe products, and an excellent quality control program. Good quality product can only perform if construction is also completed to a high standard, which is why we offer the option of having an Apex Western Fiberglass technician on site during installation.

Line Pipe Products

We offer four line pipe products: the Standard design and API 15HR design of the STAR Aliphatic Amine Line Pipe; the Standard design of the STAR Super Seal Line Pipe, and STAR High Pressure Threaded Fittings. The Aliphatic Amine Line Pipe line of products has a 93.3 degrees Celsius temperature rating, making it a useful product for high heat or hot oil applications.

Quality Control Supervision

During the installation of line pipe, you can choose to hire on-site supervision by an Apex Western Fiberglass technician. Our technicians not only supervise the process, they train your installation crew on how to conduct the Quality Control program. The technician will also help to document all required Quality Control information, which gets presented to you upon completion.

Benefits of Quality Control Supervision

Some clients have expressed concern after hearing that if fiberglass pipe is improperly installed, it will fail. While this is true, it is also true of any product. One of the main problem areas in fiberglass performance has in the past been that, after installation, the ground under the pipes can settle and cause pipe failures. This can happen when an area is over-excavated or when proper support is not provided under the pipe. Fortunately, our trained technicians know the very simple fixes to prevent these problems, and working with one on-site can alleviate your concerns. Hiring one of our technicians to supervise the installation process can ensure that even high pressure rack piping meets our high standards.

Contact Apex Western Fiberglass today to find out more about how we can work together to assure a high standard of quality control.