As a Hiring Client, we know that safety and compliance are of the utmost importance. That is why we make sure you can trust Apex Western Fiberglass to hold ourselves accountable to the highest safety standards. Safety is our utmost priority and responsibility. That’s easy for us to say, you might think, but where’s the proof? We work with two main online health and safety verification services to put your mind at rest. ISNet World and ComplyWorks allow us to be registered and show our full compliance with their standards.


ISNetworld describes itself as “a global resource for connecting Hiring Clients with safe and reliable contractors”. By registering with ISNetworld, Western Fiberglass has made itself accessible to Hiring Clients through their online contractor management database. ISNetworld collects information from us on health and safety, insurance, procurement quality, and regulatory information, and passes it on to you. The result? Lower incident rates, and higher compliance numbers, because contractor management (even across multiple sites and geographic regions) is streamlined and standardized. By using ISNetworld, Western Fiberglass is also saving you the strain on internal resources that it can be to keep track of all the necessary information about your contractors and suppliers. We can boast that we conform to all of ISNetworld’s pre-qualifications and are ISN compliant!


Western Fiberglass also conforms to all of ComplyWorks’ pre-qualifications and is ComplyWorks compliant. What does that mean for you? It means that you can rest easy knowing that the goods and services we provide you with meet corporate, legislative, and regulatory requirements. ComplyWorks, headquartered in Calgary, is used by companies from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. It provides you, the client, with full alerting and reporting on established compliance standards. Want to make sure to monitor prequalification, site-specific performance, and contractual completion? You can do that with ComplyWorks!

Above and Beyond

By registering and bringing ourselves into compliance with both ISNetworld and ComplyWorks, we at Western Fiberglass do our best to provide our clients with transparency and peace of mind, as well as an easy experience working with us. We do more than simply keep up to date with these two online certification bodies, however! We are also in good standing with both the Saskatchewan and Alberta Workers’ Compensation Boards, and make sure that all truck and trailer units used for delivery and service of our product are operated in compliance with the National Transportation Safety Board. We’ve received numerous awards for our safety statistics – a well-deserved achievement, as we have operated for over 30 years with a flawless safety record.

If you’re looking for a reliable, safe, and trustworthy contractor, check us out on ISNetworld and ComplyWorks, or get in touch with Western Fiberglass today!