Last week we talked about the benefits of fiberglass pipe and tubing over its steel counterparts. But what about spools of pipe? These light coils of composite piping have gained dramatically in recent years, yet many of the reasons spools of pipe get chosen for are things that fiberglass does even better.

Installation Cost and Impact

You may have heard that spools of pipe are superior to stainless steel pipe because installation requires less heavy equipment. Fiberglass pipe takes that even further, which can save you money and please property owners, who see less impact on their land. Less heavyweight machinery means fewer supplies to transport to the installation site and less compaction of the land around the line.

Vacuum Resistance

Vacuums: the word brings up images of outer space or weekend chores. These are the places vacuums belong, not in your pipes! However, occasionally a vacuum event will occur in your pipe system, and when that happens, you need pipes strong enough to withstand it. Fiberglass pipe offers superior vacuum event resistance as opposed to the weaker spoolable pipe. In fact, it can handle a full vacuum without collapsing. Leave the vacuums to the astronauts and pump high-pressure loads without fear.

Fittings: Smooth and Non-Metallic

Composite piping in a flexible system may beat out steel, but it still requires steel fittings. These cause a loss of internal diameter and represent a weak point, which can be subjected to corrosion. Fiberglass pipe simply threads into itself, with no loss of internal diameter at fittings and no headaches about steel fitting erosion down the road.


Everybody loves a refund! Do you have a smaller project? Are you not sure you’re going to use all the pipe you’ve ordered? When you buy spools of pipe, you usually are required to buy a large quantity…and keep the whole spool if you’ve used even a little piece. With APEX Western Fiberglass, we offer you a refund on any unused excess pipe.

Want to learn more? Give APEX Western Fiberglass a call today, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can best meet your facility pipe, line pipe, or downhole tubing and casing needs.