At Apex Western Fiberglass, we are more than just a product supplier: we want to make sure all our clients have high-quality product and thorough support. We support our clients throughout the design and installation process with assistance and advice, and make sure that you do not suffer from backorder delays. Finally, we offer 100% credit on all unused materials.

Materials and Design Assistance

Before you install your pipe, you need to make the best choice possible on the design and layout, and choose the most appropriate materials. Do you need to:

  •       Install a corrosion free composite pipe line?
  •       Add in a fiberglass liner to existing failed steel pipe?
  •       Install facility pipe?
  •       Use piping for high heat or hot-oil applications?
  •       Will you be needing pipe for high-pressure or vacuum scenarios?
  •       Do you know the differences and advantages in the resin systems available in composite tubular?
  •       Do you know who is certified to install fiberglass pipe and can give you all the quality control documents after install?

All these questions and more should factor into the materials and design process, and Apex Western Fiberglass can help you with these decisions.

Application Engineers and MTO Assistance

Apex offers you access to our skilled sales team, who are trained in planning, design, and installation techniques for all our pipe line, down hole, facility piping and liner products. If you need to get further technical advice, our application engineers are here to help. We also offer material take-off assistance, which is particularly useful if you have not used fiberglass pipe before. We will look at your plans with you and help create an itemized list of all the necessary supplies to complete your plan in the most effective manner.

No Backorder Delays

Apex Western Fiberglass has an unparalleled inventory in Star Aliphatic Amine Cured Epoxy Pipe as well as Red Thread & Green Thread products. This high level of inventory, housed in Estevan, SK and Red Deer, AB, means that we have no delays due to backorders when it comes to delivering our clients’ products.

100% Credit on Unused Materials

It can be wise to order slightly more materials than you expect to need. However, no project manager wants to be left with excess supplies once all is said and done, since those leftovers represent sunk costs. At Apex Western Fiberglass, you can rest easy, because we offer a 100% credit on any unused materials.

If you want to work with a company committed to adding value at every step of our interaction with you, get in touch with Apex Western Fiberglass today to find out more about our excellent products! We are here to make things easy for you!